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Lady bird says, "little things matter." I took this picture way back when I was in Pakistan. However, the real meaning of this picture got to get clear in my mind when I read the above phrase somewhere. Why as humans we always focus on big things & are in rush of making them better, thinking only then our lives can get better. In all this rush, we forget to enjoy the moment & ignore little things that could also make the difference & trust me most of the happiness comes from that. It is actually the smaller things that count for big ones and help us to get our big affairs sorted.
If you look at this picture and imagine it without ladybird, you'd see a flower on a plant, the most beautiful & noticeable thing in the whole picture. When you see this picture with ladybird, all the focus goes on that tiny bug than the big flower on which it's dwelling not suppressing its beauty, but adding up to it altogether. I don't know if it's making sense to you all, but it does to me. Like every other person, I used to work on big things. And, let go little ones by saying that they are of least importance, not living that moment & jumping to big tasks to get them done. This phrase taught me that little things are also very important & need equal or even more attention to be done properly. In my opinion, by practicing this, we can pave our way easily for big ones. Don't forget that little drops make the mighty ocean. Without this tiny bug, this picture wouldn't have look that complete. Make your little things work, big things will automatically fall into places. The beauty of big things lies in the beauty of little things behind them. Little, little preparations make an event look big & fat. For example, preparations behind wedding event or birthday party make it looks like it's supposed to look. From now on, let's try to focus on little things first, not thinking them of least importance and see how they count for big things. Nothing in this world is small & big, everything is contributing in its own way, so how can we think of things as small or big. Everything has its own importance, we can't ignore it. If we start focusing on little things from beginning, we would never rush or jump to big things as our way to them will automatically be paved. Everything will be pipelined, channelized & sorted as we all want this at the end of the day. 
Conclusively, everything has its own beauty no matter small or big, let it be it and enjoy the moment you're in.
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 As it's my first post on the blog, so I was really confused where to start from but an idea of making a daily planner hit my mind. Neither I'm a person who plans too much nor it works for me, so I decided to make something which is not typical of kind containing technicalities of sophisticated & complicated nature. I didn't want a planner which sounds more like a business/white collar kind. I'm trying to keep it simple & easy with the idea of how these things can improve our lifestyle and are easy to be implemented. I've not made this planner for the sake of this blog or I implement on it fully but I try to at least. I want you people to go through this planner with me & let's start doing a few of them & evaluate the difference in our lives.
It would be fun if you guys share your daily planner with me that what you do to improve your lifestyle. It can help me to improve mine, feel free to comment or use other medium to connect.